Top 10 frauds of 2019

The following are the top ten most reported frauds in Canada in 2019. Click on the different frauds to learn more about them and recognize warning signs.

Top 10 frauds affecting Canadians ranked by number of reports
Fraud Type Reports
Extortion 10,278
Personal information 7,642
Phishing 5,053
Service 3,547
Merchandise 2,452
Sale of merchandise 2,211
Job 1,702
Prize 1,200
Bank Investigator 1,083
Romance 975
Top 10 frauds affecting Canadians ranked by dollar loss
Fraud type Dollar loss
Spear phishing $21.4 million
Romance $18.3 million
Investments $10.7 million
Extortion $9.2 million
Service $7.2 million
Prize $3.4 million
Bank Investigator $3.2 million
Sale of merchandise $2.7 million
Merchandise $2.6 million
Timeshare $2.5 million

Note: It is estimated that less than 5% of fraud victims report their occurrences to the CAFC.

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